We’re Hopping Here!

blog hop #1

Wow!  I have been asked to participate in a blog hop!  Until a couple weeks ago, I did not even know what that was.

However, when my sweet friend and sister-in-ministry, Katie Oldham from Happily Whole, asked me to participate, I decided to give it a shot.  I have know Katie for nearly a year now, as we both write for aNew Season Ministries.  She is a beautiful lady, inside and out, who love the Lord with all her heart and uses her gifts to nourish women, inside and out.  Thanks, Katie, for the invite!

So…here goes my post…

What am I working on?  Well, clearly, not enough, as evidenced by the lack of posts lately.  Ha!  On my blog to-do is our summer – the missions trip to SC (some posts written, but I have not told all that God did in us and through is there).  I also have some season-of-life issues to write about as I reflect on the changes in me and my world over the past few months.

How does my work differ from others of the genre?  God keeps showing me again and again that in His economy, all we go through is praiseworthy.  This blog helps me keep that in perspective.  I journaled for years prior to putting it out here in the public realm, and it was always helpful to me.  I would use pieces for devotions at church and with my work in widows’ ministry, and always got a good response…so I decided this might be a way to meet more people and share with them what God has done.  Lord willing, it helps them see their lives as a series of blessings from God., regardiness of the circumstances.

Why do I write about what I do?  I guess I answered that in part above…but here are some more details.  I get teased for being a glass-is-always-half-full gal, the perpetual polly-anna.  I don’t look at those qualities as being bad.  I like being positive!  When I start to feel a little down, I look to what God has done that week, that day, in my life.  He is always there working, no matter the circumstance, and sometimes I just need a perspective adjustment.  I need eyes to see the truth of His love swirling around me, to see the joy even on the darkest of days, to see who I am in Christ, regardless of what I have done or not done.  Maybe by sharing my journey, I can awake someone else to the joy in theirs.

How does my writing process work?  Many years ago I had a friend who was a song-writer.  He said that you could never throw away the little pieces of paper in his house before carefully looking them over because there were often song ideas scribbled on them.  I write kinda like that.  When the inspiration comes, I jot down a phrase, a word, sometimes a whole post.  I have them in a file (when I can find them and keep them from the dogs and kids) for further development later.  Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and write.  Often I come back from my daily walk with a burning idea I need to write down.  The boys know that if I make a bee-line for the computer without much conversation to let me get my thoughts down before they escape.  I usually write with pen-and-paper first and then transfer to the computer…old school, I know.

Whew!  A lot of info!

I have the joy of introducing you to one of my dear friends and sister writers for aNew Season Ministries, Linda Lint.

closeup-lindaBlog:  Sparrow Scrolls.  My sweet sister Linda writes of her journey into widowhood from a place of total reliance on the Lord.  Her love for her Savior permeates each word she writes.  I love that she is honest in her posts – honest about the hard stuff and honest about the hope she has in Christ.  Read her blog; you will be blessed!

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