waiting pix 1-17-15

Lord, heal my eyes

Each morning, as I did my Bible study, I looked at the note I was using as a bookmark in my Bible.  Each morning, I prayed.

And waited.

And waited.

I had felt led to ask for the Lord to heal.  I was asking.  I was not hearing an answer.

But…I kept praying.

Lord, heal my eyes

Months passed.

I had no expectation of what the healing would be.  I was not praying to wake up in the morning with clear vision.  I was not really sure what the Lord wanted me to pray for, but I continued.

Lord, heal my eyes

It got harder to see at night.  I shared rides whenever possible.  I bought a pair of yellow-lens glasses to help with glare.  And I kept praying.

Lord, heal my eyes

I had done everything that I could.  I just needed to wait.

It was not easy.  I was not always faithful in the waiting.  I was impatient to see better, and scared that I would not.

But God was faithful.  He had a plan.  He was watching.

He used men with medical knowledge He had given them to do a procedure that took less than 20 minutes to restore something invaluable to me.

And He used my literal dark place to work on healing some inner parts besides my eyes…barriers of pride and self-reliance that I did not even know were keeping me from giving pieces of myself to Him.

In His time, and in His way, He healed me.

It would be easy to discount the miracle in my physical healing.  Many in the world would.  But the Bible says that He knows even the hairs on my head (read Matthew, Chapter 10).  I made the choice to take Him at His word a long time ago.

I could also ignore the healing He has brought about in my heart.  Again, I make the choice to take Him at His word.  He brought me here.  He has got this.  And by His grace He allowed me to be part of all that has happened by prayer.

Amen and amen!

Father, thank You for healing me!  Thank You for allowing me to wait on the journey of healing and to see You working.  May I always wait on You.  Amen.


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