Humble Worship

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
    Worship the Lord with gladness;
    come before him with joyful songs.

– Psalm 100:1-2

There are times when you see God doing cool things in your kids that just bless your socks off.  I had many moments on the missions trip of this, some for each of the boys.

My sons all do much to make me proud of them, but there are few moments in my life that I have been more proud than when Alex is leading me in worship.

Alex has been involved in the teen worship band at church for the better part of three years.  Our church is blessed to have a host of talented teens and a gifted director of their worship.  They truly do most of the lead worshiping for the congregation on Sunday mornings.  It is truly a joy to see.

When we went on the missions trip, none of us Wrights thought about bringing instruments for worship.  Alex left his guitar at home, and Matthew left the bongos.  I did not even think about how worship would be accomplished.

After arriving in Tennessee, Alex volunteered to help with the worship team that was assembling.  We had several singers, a keyboard (donated while we were there, but that is another story), and a guitarist Alex’s age.

Now, I didn’t have a real worry about Alex “fitting in” with a different group of worshipers.  He has proven himself to be flexible and mature.  But still…as his momma, I said a prayer.  Maybe two.

And things worked beautifully!  Alex and his new friend Joshua shared the duties of playing guitar, working together, helping each other.

The worship was…in a word…AWESOME!  God was so there with us…different as we were, as short a practice time as they had.

And in the midst of it was my little boy.  You know, moms always look at their kids that way, at least to an extent.  He was following well, going with the flow, and worshiping God.  No attitude, no showing off.

My great friend TJ who leads the teen worship bands works hard to make sure these young people understand that they are merely the lead worshipers…not there to put on a show but to help the congregation worship.  By Alex’s behavior, he obviously gets it…and is joyfully applying what he has learned.

And it makes me realize that my little boy is growing to be a man…a man in the image of his father Keith…and his Father God.

And that makes my heart sing.

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