In Praise of “Fathers”

You know who are.

Or maybe you don’t…

You’re the one who took my boys to the movies for their birthdays.

You’re the one who hugged them on the day they were asking for it.

You’re the one who wrestled with them on the church floor.

You’re the one who talked sports with them and included them in fantasy leagues.

You’re the one who carried them around on your shoulders as if they were your own.

You’re the one who showed up at their games and cheered them on, and consoled them when they lost.

You’re the one who took them hunting, fishing, and four-wheeling.

You’re the one who taught them to use a mower, edger, trimmer, and weed eater.

You’re the one who prayed for them, asked about them, invested in them.

You’re the one who helped this tired momma with the raising-of-boys process.

I am not sure what life for us would have looked like if their dad was still here…but I am blessed beyond measure that you all were here to take of some of the man slack!

Well done, good and faithful servants!

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